Collection: The Christmas Collection

Christmas has so many wonderful scents that bring back memories and creates them. Come remember and create memories with your loved ones with our Christmas line.

Home for the Holidays: coming home and smelling baked goods with a hallmark feel, Christmas decorations everywhere. (Ginger, cinnamon, sugar)

Christmas in Illinois: classic pine scent and fresh cut Christmas trees (white birch, blue spruce)

Christmas Morning: it’s Christmas morning, fresh OJ, cinnamon buns going in the oven, wrapping paper all over and everyone is in their PJs happily playing with their new toys (cinnamon, orange, pine)

Candy Cane: cozy up by the fire with an amazing peppermint drink, reading a good book or watching a hallmark in your comfy socks/clothes. (Peppermint, clove, patchouli)

Mistletoe- it’s a Christmas party and all around is Christmas decorations. You breathe in and smell the smell of pine all around you. You look up and see a mistletoe while standing with you sweetheart. (Pine and fir) 

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